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Founded in 2016, XFD Real Estate Partners is a private owner-operator of student housing with over $150 million in AUM. Today, we operate 3 assets in 3 different states – Georgia, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Our experience as operators includes the successful development, acquisition, onboarding, repositioning, and stabilization of over $1.8 billion of student housing assets across the nation.

Core Competencies




  • High-touch approach from company executives allows for thoughtful development and execution of business strategy
  • Highly experienced team with over $2bn of Acquisitions, Onboarding, and Operational-Turnaround experience.
  • Market exclusivity to allow focus and prevent conflicts of interest
  • Tailored approach to marketing and operations in order to cater to the specific demands of the market and clientele


Samuel Mtunga

Founder & CEO
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Daniel Lin

Chief Financial Officer
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Alindine Mtunga

Director of Operations

Michelle Ross

Regional Manager, Leasing

Jennifer Kustenbauder

Director of Leasing

Xavier Ybarra

Operations Manager

Anthony Frazier

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Justin Perryman

Regional Facilities Manager

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